tears fill up the crow’s feet, bends of the nose, all possible crevices on her face and finally drip down the edge of her chin dimple.

marked by a red nose and flushed cheeks as if someone rubbed some beat beets on them.

a thin strand of saliva symbolic of the puppy yelps broadening and narrowing with the width of her mouth.

the abrupt breaths break and try to take control of themselves simultaneously.

the sweat makes all her pores invisible and she beams like molten wax.

with strength mustered, looking at her reflection, she wonders if the world deserves an artwork so intense.




The brighter I shine,
the more invisible
I become to
my self.



what i thought were branches, were illusions of my own reflected happiness.
what i thought were leaves, were delusional buds of hope.
and what i mistook for lightness was the absence of roots.
we were floating in thin air and so when the wind blew, it took it all away. what’s left is us, just us, lost in a world that once was.



Validation is to happiness
what poems are to love.
Sunlight doesn’t need
rose tinted glasses
to look beautiful.



allow me to crumble and rebuild
myself for i foresee the
approaching end.

allow me to dream of strolling meadows with you for i am spent
walking on these shards of glass.

allow me to pen this down for
my thoughts are wildfire that’ll
burn out all the sparks that once flew.

allow me to mourn your silence for
that is my reward for falling
in love with the night and not the moon.



Of all the skins
I wear, my
is the one
that meets



tonight I hold myself
tighter than ever
for your absence jolts
my body. my toes curl in,
my palms clutch
to the flesh on my back. i am
the embodiment of a cocoon,
so contained, only
the sturdy branches that
are your arms could crack
it open. but soon,
my heart clenches to itself
and the magic blood
fills the burning crevices.
rightful healing, I call it.



Forgive yourself
for loving
parts of them
that made
you hate
parts of you.



all that breathes
is the little life left
through the crevices of
a marred heart.
all it ever knew was
reckless loving.
so, it sat there and
watched itself die,
one kiss at a time.


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