We all have been experiencing life in our little cocoons; some bigger, some smaller. And we all embrace how and what life gives us. Well, we try! But most of the time life’s melons aren’t really the shape or size or color you wanted them to be. And most of the time you don’t know the end to this rhetoric sentence, “When life gives you lemons…..” But why is it important to complete it, I ask. Why do we always have to know that one single approach to leading our lives? Why can’t we experience it all in whatever way we please? And why does something as irrelevant as this sentence have to define your choices?

We all have our own perceptions, our own apprehensions towards worldly things. Everyone doesn’t choose one single approach or address a dilemma in a particular way.

Some choose family over their own happiness, some don’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t have integrity.
Some want to rescue animals, some don’t. That doesn’t mean they lack empathy.
Some cry watching rom-coms, some don’t. That doesn’t make them any weaker.
Some derive happiness from working hard, some don’t. That doesn’t make them pompous.
Some find solace in reading, some don’t. That doesn’t make them anti-social.
Some believe in God, some don’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t have faith.

And there are a million other examples that can be cited. It’s pretty much a tomayto-tomahto situation.We don’t always know what the other person has been through. We can’t always read their faces. And we don’t always have to try.

So, how about changing our outlook?
Let’s not judge, let’s not make assumptions and let’s not reach conclusions. Let’s just lie back for a while and go with the flow. Let us feel that sunshine seeping through the leaves, let us enjoy the wind whistling through our ears, let us allow the waves to tickle our feet and let the rain liven up every pore of this skin.

Because only when we are closer to ourselves, we understand, how equally important is it for others. We might have our one favorite color but that doesn’t complete a rainbow. It needs all the colors to be the beautiful spectacle it is. The best gift you can give someone is to let them be and maybe letting them choose their favorite color will add more substance and vitality to their lives.

We all deserve an equal chance to happiness; so let’s give the ones deprived of it, a chance to be.

~K.  (कृतिका)